What We Do


Do you dread the work of school portraits?  We’ve nearly eliminated your administrative work.  Schools do not need to hand out ANYTHING!  Parents order securely online at our password-protected website and receive their prints at their homes.

Schools receive….

  • a percentage of sales (in June or December), if at least 35% of the families purchase pictures by the order due date
  • school products (if requested), such as yearbook CDs, ID cards, and administration software
  • A link to all the pictures (if requested) for advertising, such as websites and open houses


Tired of fake poses, blue and grey backgrounds, and a department store studio look?  We offer a modern approach to time-honored school portraits.  Here are some of the ways that we are different:

  • School portraits against real school backgrounds, such as play grounds, lockers, stone walls, brick walls, murals, front doors, school signs, and meeting houses to tie pictures to education
  • Class pictures with custom borders featuring school logos
  • Professional quality at school prices
  • Professional photographers
  • Natural light
  • Flexible, multiple-pose online albums

Still not convinced?  We can do a small pilot at your school so that you can ask for parent feedback.



We photograph in the classroom while the teachers are teaching.  There is no need to alter schedules, stop teaching, or provide space for us.  We unobtrusively capture students reading, writing, thinking, and discovering the world around them.


We minimize our impact on the environment by only printing pictures that are purchased.  Parents view and order from our website.  Prints are mailed directly home. Digital photos are emailed.