Why are schools switching to Schoolhouse Pictures?

School administrators switch to Schoolhouse Pictures because of our state-of-the-art approach to school portraits that appeals to Millennial parents.

As a school switching from one of the traditional agencies, you will experience a dramatic decrease in paperwork and administrative overhead, which will be accompanied by a superior solution.

A decrease in overhead means that you will no longer be asked to do the job your studio should be doing. What does this specifically look like?

You will not have to

  • distribute order forms
  • collect money
  • hand out prints
  • collect unwanted photos

You can expect that your parents will receive pictures that they’ll cherish for a lifetime, a technologically modern shopping and fulfillment experience, as well as, simple pricing. Parents will have their pictures mailed directly to them from the print lab.

What products do we offer schools?

We offer the full range of products for schools, ranging from ID cards to Yearbook pictures.

What about customer service?

You can expect to experience exceptional customer service, but there’s no need for you to take our word for it. Our clients often rave about their experiences with us.

This is the first year our school used Schoolhouse Pictures and I was thrilled. I love the reduced waste, the quality of the shots, and the ability to pick out exactly what I wanted. Hands-down the best school pics I have ever encountered!

School Administrator, Kristine Boward

Last summer we found it necessary to quickly organize photographs for all of our staff and faculty. With very little notice, Schoolhouse Pictures worked with us to quickly schedule the photographs within our time frame, and they did a beautiful job! Just about everyone commented on how professional the photographer was, and how much time she spent with each of them. The results truly exceeded our expectations!

School Administrator, Lynn Rodden

How else do we partner with our client schools?

As a client, your school will benefit from a percentage of picture sales.

You’ve likely experienced the outdated and confusing financials tied to convoluted package pricing and commissions on “certain” sales. This is NOT how we operate.

You can expect straightforward, transparent fundraising.

You can also expect the full range of products for free. For example, we understand that you often need ID cards right away. There’s often not the time to wait to see if you have “earned” them so we simplify the process by providing the full range of products to you for free.

So what’s next?

We know that you can’t make a decision just on what you read on our website. We encourage you to take the next step by talking directly with our CEO Mary Beth.

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